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Are you looking to promote your video? Having seen all the Viral videos with billions of YouTube views, channels with millions of subscribers as well as thousands of likes its obvious that these marketers knows they game well, they know the secret that you do not. Do you want to make your video go viral? Buying a million YouTube views is the norm within the entertainment industry, we have worked with many recording house and successful youtubers in promoting their video and channels to our audience.

Buy YouTube views

Many new youtubers face a great obstacle of getting their content noticed. The old route of uploading your content and hoping it will get noticed doesn’t work anymore, you can wait for months and years and still get no results or negligible hits. There is a better way of doing it, there is an easier route of promoting your videos which is buying 1 million YouTube views or more.
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I know you might be wondering how we will be able to accomplish this enormous task. Relax we got all figured out, We’ve got a huge network of people who willingly perform these tasks exchange of small tokens that they can use within our network. Over the years we have been able to build our network to offer almost all social media promotions in high quality at affordable prices.
Buy 1 Million YouTube views

When you are buying one million YouTube views from us, you are going to get the best promotions in the market. Our hits are permanent, they never reduce or disappear, they are also adsense as well as Vevo safe.

We have over 6 years experience and none of our clients video or channel has ever been banned or any trouble for using our promotions. We have the capacity to handle large orders and even millions hits will take less than 10 days. If you want it faster than that kindly get in touch with us after you order.

We also offer other promotions such as likes, comments and subscribers, All the best as you buy 1 million YouTube views.

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  1. How much will I earn from Adsense if I buy 1 million YouTube views from you guys?

    • Buy adsense safe YouTube views

      Sorry Our objective when you buy 1 million YouTube video views is not to make you earn via adsense rather is to promote your video and make it popular, we skip those ads thus your earning will be negligible. However our services cannot make your account or video Banned so get 1 million hits. Our views are adsense safe, you can turn adsense off if you want but even if its on when we are delivering the views, Your account is safe and cannot get banned so buy one million YouTube views.

  2. I recommend hits from you guys, I really Love your services, Keep up the good work, i will place an order soon

    • Thank you, You Are Most welcome

      The best place to increase YouTube views

      We are the best providers who can increase your views without putting your video at risk. We deliver views in a modeled pattern that imitate the natural distribution curve ensuring that everything is natural and raises no suspicion this is especially true when you buy combo packages, that contain views, likes comments and subscribers together, we make everything look natural and deliver them simultaneously so buy 1 million YouTube views. we discourage our customers from buying bulk YouTube views for a video without likes and Comments because it doesn’t look Natural at all

  3. My Best website to buy 1 million YouTube views so far, Thank you

    • Thank you

      Where to buy organic YouTube views

      It is important to buy high quality YouTube views that will help your video and not get it penalized or appear unnatural.
      We place a lot of emphasis to make our views appear as organic as possible. YouTube places a lot of weight on user interaction, how long the viewers watched the video, did the visitor like, comment or subscribe to your channel. All of these factors determine how your video will perform so buy 1 million YouTube Views.
      We have designed our packages in a way that we put all of these factors in to consideration. This is especially true when you order the combo packages. Where views, likes, comments and subscribers are all included. These are the packages that we highly recommend to our clients as they bring about the best user interaction and YouTube really loves it so buy 1 million YouTube views.

  4. I wish I could afford buying 1 million YouTube views

    • Buy affordable YouTube views

      We also have some smaller packages that are more affordable. We highly recommend that you go for the combo packages that have everything in one package as they are more nature and bring better results.

      Buy authentic YouTube views

      We have the best services in the industry and we are also engineering some of the best products in this sector. We are beta testing a way to deliver views from you have already bought from us, this way we will keep the user interaction of your channel very high and help your videos to get more YouTube views from YouTube algorithm so buy 10000 YouTube subscribers.
      We take a lot of effort to study YouTube and come up with best way to emulate human behavior and help your video rank well.
      views is not only a game of numbers but also quality of the views is of great importance, there is no need for you to buy 10000 YouTube views or any amount you want then from there you video stops receiving organic YouTube views because of low quality views. we want you to buy viral YouTube views that will propel your video to great heights and make it go viral and keep on receiving more views. Its all about quality not quantity.

  5. Hi, this is good article about buy 1 million YouTube views, we all be familiar with YouTube
    but buying views is not my cup of tea.

    • Where to buy 1 million YouTube views

      You Should do your homework well, not all providers will deliver the desired results, some views can actually harm your videos. Don’t buy fake YouTube views, we have all seen these videos with thousands of views but with zero or little comments or likes…. How can you explain this?
      How did all these ‘people’ watch the video and fail to leave a comment or a like?
      Yes there are some rare cases where a video is embedded on a website and it receives a lot of views on that page but even these case, once the video starts receiving lots of genuine YouTube views, it also starts getting popular on YouTube unless it has a bad title and thumbnail.

      Buy viral YouTube views

      We need to stress the importance of high quality content, this is what will keep people watching your video and make them comment, like and share the video. This is the way to make your video go viral. You cannot make your video viral if you have bad content. Work on your content first, go for the highest quality content in your niche, get a eye catching thumbnail plus an attention grabbing title. Then you only need a little boost and your video will be in front of millions of viewers.

  6. I have visited Hundreds of thousands of sites with mediocre Services, that do not deliver what they say like qqtube. I normally have many large orders so when I buy 1 000 000 YouTube views and you deliver as promised, I will be a regular client.

    • We never Disappoint, Thank you

      You can also let us know how fast you want us to deliver your order though the chat line or via email so that we can ensure your expectations are fully met. Normally, when you buy 1 million YouTube views takes about 2 weeks to be delivered but you can talk to us if you need any adjustments.

  7. How much will I earn from Adsense if I from you guys?

    • Sorry Our goal with these packages is not to make you earn via adsense rather is to propel your video to rank better and get more YouTube views through ranking and getting recommended to other views. You can earn a lot if your video goes viral and our services are here to make your video get the much needed traction.

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